Cooperative agreement to USA public or private nonprofit entity for research on the impact of home visiting programs on families. Applicants are advised that required registrations may take up to one month to complete. The goal of the program is to create a research network that engages in scientific collaboration and innovative research.
Research conducted through this program should increase the evidence base for and strengthen the capacity of home visiting programs to measurably improve family health and well-being outcomes and improve equity in access to services and in family and community outcomes. The recipient will accomplish this through the following six objectives:Develop and maintain a practice-based research network of home visiting and early childhood researchers, home visiting programs, home visiting model developers, MIECHV recipients, and other relevant stakeholders;Advance the use of innovative research methods in home visiting, including methods that utilize rapid-cycle and iterative approaches that support the translation of research findings into actionable and meaningful policy and practice improvements;Promote the use of data sharing and interoperability through data collaboratives and other partnerships to better answer questions of broad interest to the field;Respond to emerging priorities in the field by conducting timely and relevant research, and translate these research findings into practice;Mentor the next generation of early childhood researchers with explicit focus on increasing the diversity of researchers in the field, and;Expand the field of precision home visiting1 through intellectual leadership, dissemination, and technical assistance, including by engaging a range of relevant stakeholders in formal and informal capacities.


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