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Next deadline is September 9, 2022, at 11:59 p.m. (Answer to an enquiry letter)

Proposals must be submitted no later than Dec 12, 2022 11:59pm PST (full proposal), Sep 9, 2023 11:59 p.m PDT (letter of inquiry), and Dec 12, 2023 11:59pm PST (full proposal) (Full proposal)

US$5,000 – $20,000 in grant money

Areas of expertise:


Reducing Poverty and Providing Assistance

Non-profit or government agency

Educational Outreach, Project or Program, and Training / Capacity Building are all examples of funding purposes.

The project may be carried out in any part of the globe.

Residency country: The United States

This is a brief overview of our funding priorities, which include environmental and health programs, although we discovered that those sectors have received more financing in recent years. As a result, during the current grant cycle, we’re only looking at ideas that focus on education or poverty reduction. In the next years, we want to continue supporting environmental and health-related financing initiatives. Regardless of the funding area, current grantees may apply for continuous financing for the project we supported in 2020 and 2021. It is our mission to serve the community. Philanthropic efforts of the Tomberg Family Philanthropies are aimed at supporting projects that have a positive impact on poverty reduction, health and education issues. Our primary goal is to provide financial assistance to programs that help their beneficiaries develop long-term capacity. That “every single human on earth has both the ability and the right to live a good life” is something we agree with the Nobel Committee. Funding Provided by Us
In the fields of education, the environment, health, and alleviation of poverty, we provide grants to deserving nonprofits.
This means we’re always on the lookout for creative ways to stretch our limited resources farther. Examples of this kind of work include: pilot initiatives, program assistance, creating capacity, and conducting evaluations.
“pilot” is defined by us as the first delivery of an experimental program or service, which serves as a testing ground for the program’s effectiveness and determines whether or not to continue supplying it in its current form or modify it.
Each initiative we sponsor is only supported for a maximum of three years by us.

The funder’s website has further information about this opportunity.

501(c)(3) non-profit organizations headquartered in the United States, as well as certain government bodies or public institutions in the United States, are eligible for grants from the Tomberg Family Philanthropies.

These organizations have initiatives all throughout the globe that we support.

In the majority of circumstances, we’ll begin by awarding funds to particular initiatives.

Due to the restricted size and quantity of our awards, we are usually unable to support the continuation of current initiatives because of our limited resources.

General operating expenditures of non-profit organizations are not often funded by grants we offer. There may be a component of funds dedicated for capacity-building initiatives beyond one year if funding is authorized. Our organization does not provide money to religious groups or to initiatives administered by religious groups.

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The Grants Manager at KVC Health Systems is Farrell Rouse.

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