Grants of up to $10,000, grants of up to $20,000, and in-kind support to USA and territories qualifying institutions of higher education to end tobacco use on college campuses. Funding is intended to encourage community colleges and minority-serving institutions to enact a tobacco and vape-free policy. In addition to funds, grantees of the Tobacco/Vape-Free College Program receive guidance through webinars, in-person training, and one-on-one consultations throughout the grant period.
A 100% tobacco/vape-free policy prohibits the use of any tobacco product, including, but not limited to, cigarettes, e-cigarettes, cigars, cigarillos, small cigars, pipes, hookah, smokeless tobacco (otherwise known as dip, chew, snuff, spit, and snus) and other smokeless products. Primary concern of a tobacco/vape-free policy is overall health, sanitation, and the environment. Also, a comprehensive tobacco/vape-free policy may also address tobacco (including vape) sales, marketing, sponsorship and investments.The use of tobacco products is strictly prohibited in all indoor and all outdoor campus property, including parking lots, facilities, and vehicles, whether owned, rented, or leased. Designated smoking areas on campus are prohibited. The policy applies to all students, faculty, staff, and other persons on campus, regardless of the purpose for their visit.Truth Initiative recognizes and honors the fact that tobacco may have a sacred cultural place in American Indian life. Tobacco used for sacred, ceremonial, or traditional purposes may be exempt from policies.See the five core project elements at For allowable costs, see

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