National and International Environmental Grantmaking for Sustainable Communities

Trust for New York’s Neighborhoods

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Timeframe: Flexible, with no set end date.

Up to $60,000 in grant funding is available.

Areas of expertise:


Designing Public Spaces


Protecting the Earth’s Resources


Toxicology and Environmental Chemistry

Aspects of the Environment

A Green Infrastructure

Resilience to Climate Change

Agroecology and Sustainable Agriculture

Disclosing everything

Nonprofit, Indigenous Group, Government Entity, College / University are all acceptable types of applicants.

These are some of the things you can do with the money you’ve been given:

The project may be carried out in any part of the globe.

Residency country: The United States

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To put this in perspective:

More than $3 billion in total assets


Lorie A. Slutsky, Director and President
Chief Financial Officer: Mary Z Greenebaum

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New York, NY 10022, is the location of the fund’s headquarters: 909 Third Avenue Suite 22nd Floor, New York City.

Goals of the National Environment Program include reducing global warming’s effects, strengthening local communities’ ability to withstand its effects, safeguarding public health from harmful chemicals and pollutants, and preserving biological variety.

Communities that are more ecologically sustainable, resilient, and just are encouraged to apply for grants.

Reduce emissions from existing fossil fuel-powered facilities and extraction activities, and establish regional programs, performance standards, and regulations that help reduce emissions. Reduce climate change by: promoting energy efficiency and alternative energy sources for buildings; switching to electric or low-emission vehicles and increasing use of public transportation.

Communities, especially those with the most vulnerable populations, can be better prepared for the effects of climate change by reducing storm-water runoff and enhancing natural barriers, encouraging sustainable building design and land use, and implementing better disaster planning and preparation….

Promoting safer chemical and heavy metal policies and practices, especially for babies, children, and other vulnerable people; eliminating toxic chemicals from products through market campaigns targeted at retailers and manufacturers; and improving protection for low-income communities near polluting facilities are just a few ways to protect public health from the dangers of toxic pollutants.

Establish, enhance, and monitor wildlife migratory corridors, as well as provide functional connectivity across fragmented habitats, in order to preserve biological variety and allow animals to move around and dwell in safety.

Sustainable agriculture and regional food systems, together with smart development and sustainable production, are all areas in which we support efforts that span across these several program areas.

The environment throughout the world

We only give out two or three overseas grants a year to U.S. NGOs and government agencies working to improve environmental health, protect biodiversity, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions throughout the globe.

The funder’s website has further information about this opportunity.

For the most part, our competitive awards are awarded to public charities, or organisations supported by one.

There should be no more than one paid director on the board of grantees (or fiscal agents).

We support projects that promote policy or system change, increase organizational capacity, and extend or improve direct service.

In order to be eligible for funding, all projects must benefit at least two states or territories in the United States.

Individuals, general operations assistance, capital and construction campaigns, endowments, equipment, deficit financing, and religious objectives are all excluded from consideration for our contributions.


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