Grants to Vermont nonprofit and for-profit organizations to support projects that enhance the forestry, wood product, and agriculture sectors. Applicants must register in the application portal and submit a pre-application prior to submitting a full proposal. Funding is intended for activities that demonstrate how the market, product, or service the applicant is developing or expanding will positively impact multiple businesses and/or create a new market for sector-specific commodities and/or value-added products.
Eligible sectors for projects in this grant category are as follows:Production and processing for value-added agricultureLow-grade wood equipment and forest-based products production.For additional information, see: https://workinglands.vermont.gov/sites/workinglands/files/doc_library/FY22%20WLEF%20Impact%20Business%20Grants%20Pre-application%20Guide_0.pdf#page=5Project characteristics may include:Makes significant process and/or infrastructure improvements for medium to large scale production, processing, or distribution enterprises in the forestry, wood products, or value-added agriculture and food sector;Scale of the primary product being brought into the supply chain has ability to strengthen the industry, address the sector on a market-wide scale, and/or address a market downturn;The technology or approach is innovative and will lead to new opportunities for multiple businesses and/or increases the scale of the enterprise in a way that enables it to meet growing market demand.

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