Grants to California cities, counties, and park or open-space districts for a broad range of habitat conservation projects. Eligible projects may involve the protection of animal and plant species, nature programming that brings residents of cities to wildlife areas and parks, and the acquisition and development of wildlife trails and corridors.
Funds can be used for the following:
Wildlife Area Activities – An event or series of events intended to bring urban residents into areas with indigenous plants and animals (park and/or wildlife areas)Acquisition of species habitatsEnhancement or restoration of species habitatsEnhancement, restoration, or development of trailsThere are seven unique categories, each is further explained in the HCF Category Chart and Application Guides. Deer/Mountain Lion HabitatRare, Endangered, Threatened or Fully Protected Species HabitatWetlandsAnadromous Salmonids and Trout HabitatRiparian HabitatTrailsWildlife Area ActivitiesFor the Application Guides, see Supporting Documents, below.


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