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Grants of up to $50,000 to Saskatchewan registered nonprofit groups and organizations in eligible locations to host large events. Applicants must contact the funding source prior to submitting an application. Funding is intended for a broad range of events that benefit the City of Saskatoon.
The objectives of this policy are:To attract visitors to the City of Saskatoon and, in so doing, generate significant economic benefit for the community;To enhance the profile and visibility of the City of Saskatoon, nationally and internationally;To enhance community spirit and pride and contribute to a feeling of community identity, inclusion, and cohesion provided through opportunities for spectator/audience experiences; andTo develop an awareness, understanding and appreciation of art, culture and recreation.Special Event: An event held in Saskatoon occurring with a frequency no greater than once every two years, lasting a minimum of two consecutive days, which provides a high profile and significant economic benefit for the city through the large number of estimated spectators/participants/audience (including a significant percentage of tourists), and through the expected extent of publicity generated. Types of special events include:Sports Event – an event where the athletic skills of individuals or groups are showcased or where a champion for a level of competition (e.g. provincial, regional, national or international) is determined.Arts Event – an event that showcases or determines outstanding achievement in the arts (e.g. music, drama, dance, visual arts, literary arts, etc.).Multicultural Event – an event in which ethnic similarities and differences are respected and exchanged.Heritage Event – an event which has as its primary focus, the promotion of the understanding and appreciation of our heritage as citizens of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, or Canada.Festival – an event which includes a significant performing arts or demonstrations component. It actively celebrates a theme, is primarily non-competitive, and provides fun and enjoyment for the public.Profile Saskatoon Event: An event held in Saskatoon occurring with a frequency no greater than once every two years, lasting a minimum of two consecutive days that puts the city in a position of prominence as a destination location, provides exposure within a specific industry to the city and/or region, and attracts industry-specific attention through national or international media forms. Examples of events that may be eligible include conferences and tradeshows.

See RFP and/or Grant Guidelines for full eligibility


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