In-kind assistance to Minnesota counties, cities, Tribes, school districts, schools, regional development organizations, and metropolitan planning organizations to support plans for transportation initiatives for K-12 students. The purpose of this program is to promote initiatives that help children walk and bicycle to school.
Through planning assistance awards, the Minnesota Department of Transportation (MnDOT) will support SRTS plans for K-12 schools across Minnesota. Successful applicants will receive planning assistance provided by the Regional Development Organization (RDO), Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) or, if their services are not available, a statewide planning consultant. Plans will include an analysis of existing conditions, public outreach and identification of potential infrastructure and non-infrastructure solutions to help more children walk and bicycle safely to school.Applicants for planning assistance should be prepared to support plan development by providing information, completing an online assessment tool, surveying parents and students, helping to arrange and publicize public workshops, and participating in identifying local issues and solutions that will help more children walk and bicycle to school. Applicants should also be able to demonstrate a commitment to implementing the plan once it is complete.Please note: This plan is broader than engineering and infrastructure improvement identification. The SRTS Plan will include programmatic activities that a School and/or School District should engage in. Therefore, partners should be apprised of the need for both school based programs and city/county infrastructure improvements that may result from a SRTS Plan and be committed to these outcomes when applying.grants for minorities

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