Fellowships to USA clinical investigators affiliated with nonprofit institutions for subspecialty disease research. The purpose of the program is to allow MDs, MD/PhDs, and DOs to expand their skills and knowledge and to strengthen their careers as biomedical investigators. Clinical investigators working in any disease area are eligible for this award.
Physician scientists lend vital expertise to biomedical research through their training as both clinicians and researchers. The Physician Scientist Fellowship (PSF) award aims to support research during the final years of subspecialty fellowship and aid in the transition into an academic faculty appointment. The specific goals of the PSF program are to: 1) support physician scientists in subspecialty fellowship to conduct an outstanding clinical research project; 2) ensure research time protection to enable development of research skills; and 3) facilitate strong mentor relationships. The priority of the Physician Scientist Fellowship program is to fund outstanding individuals with excitement for clinical research careers, whose projects will address highly significant research questions and lead to career advancement.

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