Grants to New York nonprofit organizations, K-12 school authorities, charter schools, and Indian tribal organizations to increase the usage of locally-grown produce in school meal programs. Applicants are advised that required registrations must be completed prior to submitting an application.
Funding is available for eligible school districts to support the growth of Farm-to-School programs across New York State. The program helps Kindergarten through Grade 12 schools connect with local farmers, increase the use of locally grown food on school menus, and improve student health, while providing increased economic benefits to New York’s farmers.The objective of Farm to School projects must be to increase the volume and variety of New York State farm products purchased by schools/districts to be served in school meal programs. Applicants are encouraged to include other objectives including agricultural and nutrition education, gardening activities and relationship building with local agricultural food businesses and farmers. Projects that partner with producers or food processors are strongly encouraged.A wide variety of tasks may be proposed to meet this objective. Examples of some possible tasks intended to meet this objective would be:Employ a local or regional Farm-to-School coordinator.Conduct training for school food authorities on how to procure New York State farm products.Conduct training for food service staff on how to prepare and serve fresh produce.Purchase the equipment needed to increase the capacity of a school kitchen and food service staff to prepare and serve New York State farm products.Implement capital improvements to support the processing, transport and/or storage of New York State farm products.Implement a school meal program that features New York State farm products.Partner with local producers or processors to create new products for school menus.Work with other school districts to implement a coordinated local buying program with or without the assistance of distributor or other aggregating entity such as a food hub.Introduce culturally appropriate foods in school meals while creating new markets for farmersFor eligible costs, see

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