Grants to Nevada faculty members at institutions of higher education for scientific research studies. Funding is intended for research that targets activities that will significantly increase the state’s competitiveness. The goal of the program is to promote the utilization and engagement of Nevada’s resources and talent for enhancing scientific discovery and/or developing new technologies to address NASA’s research priorities. Seed grant proposals must result in the submission of a new proposal to a NASA or relevant program.
The request for seed grant funds may be based on outcomes from prior workshops/meetings with NASA personnel; however, a seed grant award should not augment existing funded research projects. Seed grant proposals must  be designed for activities that accomplish one or more of the following:Initiate inter-or multi-disciplinary activities;Create a critical mass of expertise on topics of strategic interest to NASA and Nevada; and/orEngage NASA scientists from one or more NASA Centers.The goal of NASA’s Established Program to Stimulate Competitive Research (EPSCoR) is to develop academic research enterprises that are long-term, self-sustaining, and nationally competitive for non-EPSCoR dollars. The following are the specific objectives of the NASA EPSCoR program in Nevada:Improve the capabilities of Nevada faculty to gain support from sources outside the NASA EPSCoR program that are most relevant to NASA missions as defined by the NASA 2018 Strategic Plan, one or more of the four Mission Directorates, and/or one or more of the ten NASA centers. Contribute to the overall research infrastructure, science and technology capabilities, higher education, and/or economic development of Nevada;Develop partnerships between NV research facilities, NASA Centers, and industry;Work in close coordination with the NASA Space Grant program, as applicable, to improve the environment for STEM education in Nevada.


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