Cooperative agreement to a USA or territories private or public entity, Tribe, or community or faith-based organization to coordinate care and improve outcomes for individuals with hemophilia and related bleeding disorders. Required registrations may take up to one month to finalize.
The purpose of HRSA-22-068, the Regional Hemophilia Network (RHN) (Project 1) and HRSA-22-079, the National Hemophilia Program Coordinating Center (NHPCC) (Project 2) is to improve access to coordinated, evidence-based care for patients with hemophilia and related bleeding or clotting disorders and their families.The goal of HRSA-22-079 is for one recipient to provide subject matter expertise, technical assistance and programmatic support to the RHNs through a national coordinating center. HRSA-22-079 will enhance coordination across the regions, increase the programs’ ability to respond to emerging needs in the field, and strengthen the capacity of the RHN and HTC comprehensive care teams through targeted TA and by tracking national, regional, and patient-level data to assess patient outcomes. The NHPCC also provides an ongoing forum for national education, communication, and collaboration that assists in increasing the evidence base on care for patients seen in HTCs.

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