Grants to USA nonprofit organizations, government agencies, tribes, and educational institutions in multiple states for projects to protect and maintain natural habitats. Projects must be located in Kentucky, Tennessee, Alabama, and Georgia. Preference will be given to projects addressing priority species and habitats. Eligible projects are located within the Cumberland Plateau, with preference given to projects located within the identified focal areas.
The National Fish and Wildlife Foundation (NFWF) is soliciting proposals within the Cumberland Plateau region that will help accelerate the restoration and enhancement of critical forest and freshwater habitats and associated wildlife species in the region. Program Priorities:The Cumberland Plateau Stewardship Fund (Fund) seeks to support multiple strategic objectives including the implementation of the Forestland Stewards partnership business plan, which includes strategic priorities and goals to enhance forest ecosystems for the benefit of wildlife species and freshwater systems, while promoting and supporting working forests. The Fund also seeks to support implementation of the Shortleaf Pine Restoration Plan and the Restoring Sustainability for White Oak and Upland Oak Communities: An Assessment and Conservation Plan, for those portions of the historical shortleaf pine and white oak/upland oak ranges that fall within the Fund’s program area, as well as restoration and enhancement of aquatic habitat and species within high priority watersheds identified through The Southeastern Aquatic Biodiversity Conservation Strategy that are located within the Fund’s program area.Projects should seek to implement one or more of the strategies below to improve shortleaf pine, white oak and other upland oak forest, riparian forest, soil health, water quality, and/or in-stream habitats and populations of at-risk, listed and other wildlife species, such as northern bobwhite and prairie warbler, as well as fish, amphibians and other aquatic species.Establishing Shortleaf Pine and Upland Oak ForestsEnhancing and Maintaining Existing Shortleaf Pine and Upland Oak Ecosystems
Restoring Abandoned and Legacy Mine LandsRestoring and Enhancing Riparian Forests and Watershed Health to Support Aquatic SpeciesExpanding and Coordinating Technical Assistance and Outreach
Conservation EasementsMore information about the strategies can be found starting at https://www.nfwf.org/sites/default/files/2021-12/Cumberland-2022-RFP_1.pdf#page=2.


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