The Community Partnership Award from Mutual of America is presented each year.

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Ahead of time: May 1, 2023

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Up to $100,000.00

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Any and all types of work

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In the USA

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America, the United States of America

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Grantees of the past

New York, Florida, and New Jersey

a further 43




A total of $2,373,979 was donated.


Corporation Tax at 320 PARK AVENUE, NEW YORK, NY 10022


Award for Outstanding Collaboration with the Local Community

The Purpose of the Organization

It is the goal of the Mutual of America Community Partnership Award to recognize outstanding nonprofit organizations in the United States that have demonstrated exemplary leadership by facilitating partnerships with public, private, or social sector leaders who work together to build a cohesive community that serves as an example of collaboration with others for the greater good.

To recognize nonprofits that work in concert with government agencies, the commercial sector, and other non-profits to better society, the Mutual of America Community Partnership Award was established in 2005. It’s an annual tradition at the Mutual of America Foundation to host a competition where hundreds of organizations compete to show how their partnerships benefit the communities they serve, how they can be replicated by others, and how they can inspire new approaches to addressing important social issues.

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