Grants of up to $10,000 to Montana nonprofit organizations and units of government for historic preservation and protection projects. Funding is intended for projects in the areas of buildings and structures, collections and artifacts, oral history, historic cemeteries and sacred sites, and outreach and project development
Proposals are invited for projects that will make significant contributions to the preservation and interpretation of Montana history.Projects will receive preference that:Address a structure, collection, or community that is endangered or threatenedRepresent cultural or geographic diversityProvide a direct, rather than remote, benefit to local communityDemonstrate financial support from the communityShow the project will continue after the funding period is completeWill accomplish the work according to professional and historically accurate standardsDemonstrate a public benefit and/or provide public accessibilityFor more information on the project areas, see the following links:Buildings and Structures: Cemeteries and Sacred Sites: and Artifacts: History: and Outreach: for minorities

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