02/18/22 4:00 PM Central Time Receipt

Contracts for services to Minnesota health care organizations to provide people with disabilities with health care services. Selected grantees will provide services to adults with high medical needs who are receiving diagnostic, preventive, comprehensive, therapeutic, and rehabilitative health care services.
The Minnesota Department of Human Services (DHS), through its Purchasing and Service Delivery (PSD) Division (State), is seeking Proposals from qualified Responders to provide prepaid health care services to people with disabilities age 18 to 64 who are enrolled in Medical Assistance under Special Needs BasicCare (SNBC) and Integrated Special Needs BasicCare (Integrated SNBC) programs throughout Minnesota. This Request for Proposals applies to all 87 counties in Minnesota. Responders that provide Integrated SNBC in a county must also provide SNBC in the same county in order to assure a seamless transition of enrollee choice. Responders may provide SNBC as a standalone product in a county if not currently providing Integrated SNBC in that county.The Responder must provide access to cost-effective, quality health care to eligible individuals covered under the Special Needs BasicCare and Integrated Special Needs BasicCare contracts. The SNBC and Integrated SNBC model contract includes requirements for enrollment, MCO and enrollee communications, marketing and enrollee education, reporting requirements, access standards, transition services, service authorization, quality assessment and performance improvement, denials, terminations and reductions of service (DTRs), grievances, appeals, and state fair hearings, and other required provisions including compliance with various state and federal laws and regulations. Responder must comply with the program contract requirements specified in the model contract.

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