Grants of up to $10,000 to Minnesota nonprofit organizations led by staff from BIPOC and other marginalized groups, government agencies, and community education units in eligible counties for activities that increase access to the arts for local communities. Funding is intended to support first-time events and programs as well as ongoing or seasonal events. Funds may also be used to support organizational capacity activities, equipment purchases, and facilities improvements. Requests will be accepted from qualifying applicants located in Anoka, Carver, Dakota, Hennepin, Ramsey, Scott, and Washington Counties.
This grant is designed to be an infusion of funds to support a group’s ability to create access to the arts. Grant proposals could include an arts programming activity such as a single event (e.g. theater production) or a series (e.g. semester of painting classes). Organizational capacity activities might include a coordinated management effort that bolsters the organization’s ability to do its work (like rebranding, building a website, or overhauling financial tracking systems), and/or could include the purchase of equipment, or making facilities improvements. Operations activities could be those that support the ongoing operations of a group (such as paying staff salaries or rent on a space). All of these types of activities, independently, or in some combination, could be the organization’s “project” or “program.”Activities must specifically address enhancing Minnesotans’ access to the arts. Providing artistic opportunities to communities is one way to accomplish that access. Additionally, MRAC believes that healthy organizations are an important part of ensuring access to the arts, so projects that strengthen the organizational capacity and operations of groups providing access to the arts are also encouraged, but must always point back to how it enhances access to the arts.
Applicants may seek support for any of the following, or for a combination of the following (with all expenses incurred only during the Eligible Funding Period for each grant round):A first-time event or activity the group has never produced beforeA recurring, annual, or seasonal event it has produced before The portions of an ongoing program that clearly fall within the Eligible Funding Period; and/orAn activity supporting the organizational capacity and/or operations of the group (such as equipment purchases, management projects, or personnel expenses)


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