Grants to British Columbia Indigenous organizations and First Nations communities, governments, bands, and tribal councils to refresh and rejuvenate language through the use of technology. The purpose of this program is to help communities sustain and develop cohesive language technology programming. The program currently offers two components: FirstVoices (Documentation) and Digitization. FirstVoices encourages communities who share a language and/or dialect to collaborate on a shared language site.
Digitization is the process of converting analog and other non-digital formats (such as audio cassettes, reel to reel tapes, VHS tapes, text documents, and more) to a digital format. To do this conversion, communities first gather and inventory the materials they would like to digitize, use specialized convert them to a digital format, and archive and create access to the digital materials (such as through FirstVoices). This allows communities to identify and preserve knowledge in their community for future generations. This is crucial because many non-digital formats and the tools needed to access the information therein are becoming obsolete. By digitizing these materials now, communities can ensure that this knowledge is transferred to a stable digital format for long-term preservation and safekeeping. Digitization supports language revitalization by creating access to knowledge through digital distribution. is an online tool that communities use to document and share their language with future generations. Teams upload alphabets, songs, stories, words, and phrases as well as multimedia to language sites through, making the language more accessible to learners who can use the resources to learn and interact with their language.For information about eligible expenses and activities, see for minorities

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