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Grants to Idaho nonprofit organizations, government agencies, and tribal governments for projects to decrease potential fire damage on non-federal lands from wildfires. Funding is intended for projects to reduce dangerous fuel sources near private properties in order to protect the properties from wildfires.
The Hazard Fuels Reduction (HFR) grant follows the basic principles of, and is primarily guided by, the WSFM grant with a couple of differences in eligibility criteria. Like the WSFM grant, projects must be included in a respective CWPP.HFR funded projects must be adjacent to federal lands with the goal of complementing and aligning with that federal agency’s objectives. The federal project must have been completed within the previous three years or initiated in the next three years.
The primary objective of the Community Protection Program is to minimize damage to private property in the event a fire crosses onto private property from adjacent federal property. For this reason, funding is only available for on-the-ground fuels treatment of non-federal acreage.
For the Hazard Fuels Reduction program, eligible projects are for fuels reduction on non-federal lands adjacent to federal lands with a planned fuels reduction project pending or in progress. Specifically, projects on non-federal land:Must be adjacent to federal land (i.e. National Forests) where fuels reduction projects are occurring or are pending to be treated within a reasonable time period (18-24 months);Must have a WUI component to protect communities at risk;Must have treatments implemented on non-federal property prior to the federal project or within a reasonable time frame after the federal treatment is completed;The federal treatment does not have to include a fire component

See RFP and/or Grant Guidelines for full eligibility

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