Cash Grants for Global Impact

Affiliation of Cisco

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Timeframe: Flexible, with no set end date.

Amount of the award: up to $75,000

Areas of expertise:

Economic Development & Services


Rescue Efforts for Humanitarian Relief

Preparation of the Workforce and Readiness for the Workplace

Preparation for a career or college


Rehabilitation and Instruction in Life Skills

STEM Education

In the sake of justice and economic freedom.

Jobs and the Green Economy

Access to and equity in education

Involvement of Parents as educators

Creating jobs

Services for the homeless

Clean Water and Sanitation

Security of food supply

Disclosing everything

Non-profit organization

Program/Project/Capital Project: Education and Outreach; Program/Project/Capital Project: Training and Capacity Building;

The project may be carried out in any part of the globe.

For residency, it might be anywhere in the globe.

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Giving totaled $21,623,944

Assets totaling $211,691,989


John P. Morgridge is the Designated Chair.
Saidah Grayson Dill is a trustee.

a total of nine additional

At 170 W. Tasman Drive in San Jose, the company’s headquarters are located.

Global Impact Cash Grants: An Overview

Communities throughout the globe are encouraged to submit proposals for Cisco’s Global Impact Cash Grants if they share our vision and have a creative solution to a pressing social issue.

Innovative ideas that have the greatest effect are identified, incubated, and developed by us. Nonprofits and nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) who work to alleviate a pressing social issue are eligible to apply for Global Impact Cash Grants. These initiatives must suit our investment areas, help those who are underserved, and use technology to increase the reach and efficiency of services. Interested groups may submit an application at any time of the year. If your organization is requested to submit a full application, it will be required to fill out an initial information form.
Investment Zones for the Benefit of the Community
The three areas where we feel our technology and people can have the most effect are: education, economic empowerment, and crisis response, which includes shelter, water, food, and disaster aid. A strong global community may be built by investing in these areas, which together help people overcome hurdles to poverty and inequality. Investments in education are a key part of our overall strategy, which include making a broad range of educational technologies available to as many students as possible while also enhancing student achievement, motivation, and career exploration. STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) and literacy are both important components of effective K-12 education. Also taken into account are initiatives aimed at empowering students to make a difference in the environment by teaching environmental sustainability, removing obstacles to climate change education, and fostering worldwide student collaboration. In search of: Using the internet and technology, innovative early grade solutions are bridging the gaps in educational opportunity for impoverished youngsters all around the world. Student attendance, attitudes, and behavior may be favorably impacted by solutions that encourage student engagement and encourage students to take action to enhance their learning outcomes in person, online, or in blended learning settings. As a result, there is an improved availability of evidence-based solutions for student-centricity as well as teacher capacity in the classroom and greater parental involvement to support children’ learning. Cisco does not provide money to schools directly. Empowerment of the Individual Investment in early stage, tech-enabled solutions that give equal access to the information, skills and resources that individuals need to help themselves toward resilience, independence, and financial security is our approach. Individuals and families will benefit from our support of solutions that help the local community thrive and prosper in a sustainable economy. The three main areas of focus for our assistance are as follows: Improved employability and long-term career prospects for job seekers in the technology industry and other fields, such as environmental sustainability and green occupations. High-growth potential start-ups in technology or other areas, particularly environmental sustainability/green industries, may be engines of local development as well as large-scale employment creators regionally and worldwide. Access to banking for the unbanked through providing appropriate financial products and services that help improve capacity. Cisco’s Response to a Crisis By strategically investing, we want to break the cycle of poverty and reliance and create a more sustainable future. People who have their fundamental needs fulfilled are better able to study and succeed in school, which is why we support organizations that do just that. In search of: Solutions that improve the efficiency and effectiveness with which grantees may provide their goods and services Design and implementation of web-based technologies that expand or improve access to essential items and services for people to live and flourish Clean water, food, housing, and disaster assistance programs that improve the lives of all people and create a more sustainable future Unlike humanitarian crises generated by human conflict, major natural disasters and humanitarian crises are the exceptions to the rule that governs relief missions. Policy also prohibits our investment in healthcare solutions in this area.

The funder’s website has further information about this opportunity.

Organizational Requirements: Eligibility

Internal Revenue Code Section 501 (c)(3) and IRS classification as a public charity are required for all organizations operating in the United States to be exempt from federal taxes.
Whether an organization is outside of the United States, it must produce information and papers to establish if it qualifies as a public charity in the United States, which is a legal requirement.
To be eligible for funding, organizations must serve a population that is more than 65 percent underserved by the average criteria of the target area.
Crisis response, access to education, or economic empowerment must be the emphasis of at least one organization or initiative.
We will also take into account suggestions that address environmental sustainability within the framework of each of these three investment sectors.. For example, we may sponsor a program that aims to create green employment as part of an economic empowerment initiative. The overhead of a non-profit organization should not exceed 25%. (Organizations are sometimes excused from this criterion, but they must be extraordinarily aligned with Cisco’s principles and objectives, and they must explicitly explain and justify their overhead expenditures.)… Every business is different, thus there are no set rules on who may and cannot be exempt from paying overhead costs. Other rules include non-discrimination, religious proselytism, non-support of violence/terrorism, advocacy, lobbying, and other political activities and other areas outlined in Cisco’s grant-giving policy..

In order to qualify for a Global Impact Cash Grant, your project must not fall into the following categories:
Individuals; research programs; membership-based activities; programs that promote or serve a single culture, race, religion, demographic group, or political position; religious, political, or sectarian groups are all excluded from this list.
Direct assistance programs provided by a religious institution may be qualified. Our grant policies may be found here.) Hospitals: hospitals, whether public or private; hospital foundations; medical facilities; research facilities, etc. Although hospital-based programs may be eligible, grant money must be used only to provide direct community assistance rather than to cover normal hospital running expenditures.) programs aimed at promoting the health of people of all ages Scholarships and grants: In addition to a school’s foundations, booster clubs and/or fundraising groups, there may also be colleges/universities; scholarships, stipends or loans within a program; and/orschool-related activities such as field excursions and research programs.. Maintaining current programs, treatments, and solutions. Sponsorships may be used to replicate a geographic area. Learning management, customer relationship management, and collaboration technologies are all examples of 3rd party technology solutions that may be purchased. Ongoing costs for teachers/administrators/aide salaries, buying supplies, paying student tuition, supporting scholarship programs, acquiring equipment (hardware and software), or recurrent utilities are all examples of ongoing operational expenditures. Sports tournaments; conferences; festivals; field excursions or other non-sports-related leisure activities such as concerts; and fundraising events such as walks and runs for charities and sports teams are all examples of events. Donor-administered organizations (donor-administered foundations) (all other foundations including private foundations, family foundations, school foundations, etc.). Computer hardware and software purchases are generally not funded by Cisco, however the company may be open to making exceptions in circumstances where: such resources are used in a strategic and creative way, expanding their influence well beyond the scope of everyday/staff usage; and Other, more cost-effective methods, such as in-kind donations, do not provide these resources. Applicants must show that they’ve looked into these possibilities extensively and come up empty-handed.


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