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There aren’t many grants available for profitable enterprises, which is a real shame. Non-profits, education agencies, governmental organizations, and high-tech – research-oriented corporations are the primary beneficiaries of government and foundation donations, with a few exceptions. A portion of the grant money can also go to companies that hire and train people with disabilities, are located in high poverty areas, or provide certain services in these areas (such as child care or after-school programs). Additionally, businesses that partner with a non-profit organization to provide community-focused programs and services can also apply for grant money. The Small Firm Administration (SBA) website at www.sba.gov – or the Resource Associates’ Grant Wizard – may help you determine whether your business is qualified for a federal award if you don’t fall into one of these grant categories.
There are very few grants available for personal assistance or to pay off debt – due to the fact that “individuals” are typically not eligible to apply for discretionary grants, no matter how needy. There are, however, other types of funding opportunities that are available in the form of loans, loan forgiveness programs, stipends, subsidies, entitlements, and tax credits. Give us a call at 505.326.4245 to determine what types of grants and funding opportunities best meet your needs.
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Yes we can assist you in writing your letter of intent (LOI). This is because I am a seasoned grant proposal writer with over 5 years of working experience.