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Expected completion date: November 15th, 2022

Amount of grant: Unknown amount of in-kind assistance

Areas of expertise:

Any and all types of labor

Non-profit or government agency

For what purposes is the money being used?

The project may be carried out in any part of the globe.

Residency country: The United States

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The Big Picture: Our Goals

According to Delta, data is a powerful tool that anybody should have access to in order to affect positive social change. Building technical ability that results in good social impact is something we do in collaboration with non-profits and communities all around the globe. Background More than 90 data scientists, economists, analysts, and software engineers make up the Delta Analytics community, which aims to make the most of its collective data expertise for the benefit of its members. Although we have a history in the corporate sector, we use our expertise to help non-profits succeed. We are fascinated by the data issues raised by the social sector, and we approach them with the goal of having a significant and long-lasting influence. Delta Data Provides Funding Nonprofits throughout the globe benefit from Delta Analytics’ free data scientists, engineers, and analysts each year. Non-profits of all sizes may rely on us for a broad variety of data-related services. There are very few initiatives that begin with a simple inquiry, but every endeavor begins with a question. What is the source of my financial support? What was the effect on test results of my free after-school mentorship program? During the previous six months, how many individuals have we reached? Having a well-defined inquiry allows us to choose the most relevant services. As a result, we begin with an application since we want to collaborate with NGOs that have a clear goal in mind. Details of our prospective offerings are provided below. We can assist you make sense of your data if you have it but aren’t sure what to do with it. We can help you get the most out of your data by setting up data management solutions that allow you to easily access the information you need. It is possible to do statistical analyses using Data AnalysisDelta to determine the influence on quantifiable factors. When it comes to an environmental group, for example, we may inform them how much waste they have eliminated per dollar invested. Delta can evaluate your market’s data to assist you better understand who your contacts are and how you can use their connections to your advantage. The characteristics of funders, customers, and volunteers, for example may be tracked and insights into the demographics of stakeholders provided. When it comes to visualizing and presenting your data, you can count on Delta. In addition to being used internally, they may also be used to demonstrate your organization’s effect on the globe.

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Only 501(c)3 nonprofits, benefit companies, and governmental entities are eligible to apply at this time. Visit our case studies page to learn how we’ve assisted others in the past.


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