Grants of up to $2,500 to New York individual artists in eligible communities for the development of new and original work. Funding is intended to support arts activities and to feature the role of artists in the community. The goal of the grant is to support and enable artists to grow professionally and to enhance the cultural climate in Allegany and Wyoming Counties. An essential element of this funding is a community engagement component.
The project must engage a segment of the community through a public program, such as an exhibition or performance that is open to the public, and/or the inclusion of community involvement in the development and creative processes of the artists’ project. The program looks for proposals of high artistic merit and asks that the artist consider the unique characteristics of Allegany and Wyoming Counties when developing the project. There must be some type of tangible finished work at the end of the grant period such as finished poems, photographs, video, CD, etc. The finished work may also be presented in some form of an exhibition, performance, etc. Allowable Expenses:Activities/Projects of local arts organizations Artist fees Marketing/publicity costs Direct administrative expenses and/or planning and preparation expenses for a proposed eventSupplies and materials needed to execute the proposed project. Individual items may not exceed $1,000. Examples: art supplies, sheet music, hardware, memory cards, and other consumable equipment. Equipment, software, subscriptions, and training needed to execute the proposed project. Individual items may not exceed $1,000. Examples: cameras, lighting equipment, subscriptions associated with virtual programming, and training to utilize these tools.

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