Grants of up to $5,000 to New York nonprofit organizations, government entities, tribal agencies, and artists in eligible areas for high-quality arts programming that benefits local communities. Funding is intended to expand, enhance, and increase arts and cultural programs in Allegany or Wyoming County.
This program enables emerging artists and organizations to grow professionally and to enhance the cultural climate in communities and neighborhoods where they live and work. Community Arts grants can fund but are not limited to exhibitions, workshops, performances, concerts (all disciplines), festivals, demonstrations and workshops, screenings, or readings.Priorities:Allegany and Wyoming County arts and cultural organizationsNew programs or repeat projects with new components, especially underrepresented art forms such as visual arts, traditional music, classical music and danceProjects that promote community partnerships and shared programmingProjects that encourage community growth such as intergenerational support, economic development, increased diversity, or greater utilization of community assets or esprit d’corpsProjects that engage community members as participants in the arts, especially familiesProjects that serve communities that have not received funding in three years or moreProjects that offer access to people with difficulty accessing the arts due to lack of transportation.Allowable Expenses:Activities/Projects of local arts organizations Artist fees Marketing/publicity costs Direct administrative expenses and/or planning and preparation expenses for a proposed eventSupplies and materials needed to execute the proposed project. Individual items may not exceed $1,000. Examples: art supplies, sheet music, hardware, memory cards, and other consumable equipment. Equipment, software, subscriptions, and training needed to execute the proposed project. Individual items may not exceed $1,000. Examples: cameras, lighting equipment, subscriptions associated with virtual programming, and training to utilize these tools.

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