Grants of up to $2,500 to New York nonprofit organizations, government entities, tribal agencies, and individual artists in eligible locations for educational arts programming. Funding is intended to support arts education projects in K-12 public schools and after-school settings and to promote partnerships with community-based organizations. Eligible programs benefit the residents of Allegany or Wyoming County.
These grants are meant to build the capacity of local artists and nonprofit arts organizations while providing public school-aged students, adults, and seniors with high-quality artistic learning experiences. Projects should draw on arts education practices to engage participants in the creation and interpretation of artistic works. Instruction must be sequential, age- and skill-based, and focused on the exploration of art and the artistic process. Emphasis is placed on the depth and quality of the creative process through which participants learn through, or about, the arts.All Arts Education projects must be carried out in partnership with a public school or in partnership with a community-based organization in the same county as the applicant’s address. For additional information about project funding strands and requirements, see pages 8-9 of the Guidelines in Supporting Documents, below.Priorities:Engagement of Allegany or Wyoming County resident artists in their home countiesProjects that strengthen support for arts programs in schools or other community groups and centers in Allegany or Wyoming CountyProjects that offer opportunities for educators to grow in creativity and to engage in the arts in inter-curricular waysEngagement with families in school settings
Allowable Expenses:Activities/Projects of local arts organizations Artist fees Marketing/publicity costs Direct administrative expenses and/or planning and preparation expenses for a proposed eventSupplies and materials needed to execute the proposed project. Individual items may not exceed $1,000. Examples: art supplies, sheet music, hardware, memory cards, and other consumable equipment. Equipment, software, subscriptions, and training needed to execute the proposed project. Individual items may not exceed $1,000. Examples: cameras, lighting equipment, subscriptions associated with virtual programming, and training to utilize these tools.

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