Grants to Maryland nonprofit organizations, community associations, faith-based organizations, and landowners in eligible locations for activities to restore local watersheds and enhance water quality. Applicants must contact the funding source to arrange a staff visit prior to applying. Applications are encouraged from underrepresented groups. Eligible applicants are located in Anne Arundel County, including the City of Annapolis.
This grant program now accepts applications for design and watershed planning projects as well as restoration implementation projects located in the City of Annapolis!
The Anne Arundel County Watershed Restoration Grant Program will fund projects to reduce pollutants through the implementation of watershed restoration practices. Projects must accomplish on-the-ground restoration that treats rainwater runoff from impervious surfaces at a cost-effective price or demonstrates the accomplishment of another metric that will help the County meet local water quality and runoff reduction improvement goals. Applications under this grant program that demonstrate sound design and cost efficiency in meeting this goal will be most competitive. To demonstrate this, applicants will be required to provide sound technical designs and project budgets as outlined in the application package.The Trust strongly encourages applications directly from underrepresented groups, and for projects that increase awareness and participation of communities that are traditionally underrepresented, such as communities of color.Eligible projects are separated into three categories below based on the size and type of work proposed and if the project is a restoration (implementation/construction) effort or a planning effort: Watershed planning projects (Category 1) are eligible only in the City of Annapolis. Watershed plans are a first step to assess the area with the community, identify potential target areas for restoration, propose restoration practice types if possible, and serve as a guiding document for future work, including applications for restoration projects. Applicants may propose watershed planning or watershed assessment projects for properties/areas only in the City of Annapolis. Category 1 project final products will include planning documents useful for future design and implementation of restoration projects in this grant program. Small-scale restoration projects (Category 2) including but not limited to bioretention cells, bioswales, rain gardens, or other stormwater best management practices (BMPs). Category 2 projects have a disturbance footprint less than 5,000 square feet or less than 100 cubic yards of earth disturbed. Large-scale restoration projects (Category 3) have a disturbance footprint greater than 5,000 square feet or more than 100 cubic yards of earth disturbed. Additional stormwater BMPs that are typically “large-scale” restoration projects include stormwater wetland and marsh creation and enhancement; stream and wetland restoration; regenerative conveyance systems (also known as coastal plain outfalls, step pool storm conveyance, etc.); living shorelines (on community, other not-for-profit, or public property); and green roofs. For additional information, see: https://cbtrust.org/wp-content/uploads/AA-Co-WPRP-FY22-RFP_15Nov2021_FINAL.pdf#page=5

Anne Arundel County Watershed Restoration

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