Grants to Oregon public schools, public school districts, public charter schools, education service districts, and tribes for professional education programs. The purpose of the program is to help students gain the necessary training to obtain highly skilled employment. Programs are intended to address the needs of underserved students.
The intent of the CTE Revitalization Grant is to strengthen existing CTE Programs of Study and create new CTE Programs of Study that will meet workforce needs in high-skill, high- wage, in-demand occupations; support achievement of the Oregon diploma; and address the needs of historically and currently marginalized youth, students, and families including civil rights protected classes. These revitalized CTE programs will give students the knowledge and skills required in careers that provide high wages and are in demand. Partnerships among business, industry, labor, community organizations, and educators are the foundation for the revitalization of CTE. Strong partnerships provide connections to the community that can engage students while preparing them for careers and education beyond high school. Partnerships should also be a source of continued support from the community and lead to sustainability and independence.The CTE Revitalization Grant supports a vision that addresses the following goals: All learners will benefit from High Quality CTE Programs of Study leading to meaningful careers in high-skill, high-wage, in-demand careers that provide individuals with a sense of pride and contribution to their communities. All learners, at all age levels, will be empowered with information to successfully navigate career pathways to a meaningful career through intentional exposure to and communication about careers. All learners will be able to make connections between technical and academic learning in education settings and the workplace through work-based learning opportunities. All learners will learn from knowledgeable experts who contextualize learning and create robust integration of academic and technical content. All learners will benefit from flexible learning systems that allow Oregonians to gain necessary skills where and how it best meets their needs.There are three groups of grants:
Start-up NEWStart-up MOVEHigh Quality POSFor more information on the three grant groups, see Page 6 of the RFP document in Supporting Documents, below. Eligible Expenses can be found on page 9 of the RFP document.grants for minorities

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