Grant to a California nonprofit organization, company, government entity, IHE, or school district to conduct environmental energy-based research related to natural gas. The successful applicant will develop a tool that identifies likely sites for the decommissioning of retail gas system infrastructure. The purpose of the program is to assist in the transition of the gas system to low-carbon alternatives. Demonstration projects must be located in the service territory of a California natural gas Investor Owned Utility.
Development of a Data-Driven Tool to Support Strategic and Equitable Decommissioning of Gas InfrastructureThe purpose of this solicitation is to fund an energy-related environmental research project under the following Natural Gas Research and Development (R&D) Program initiative: Development of a Data-Driven, Actionable Tool and Case Studies to Support the Strategic and Equitable Natural Gas DecommissioningThe role of natural gas in California’s energy system is changing as the state strives toward a clean energy future. Over the next 25 years, state and municipal laws concerning greenhouse gas (GHG) emission reductions will result in the replacement of gas-fueled technologies and will reduce the demand for fossil natural gas (CPUC, 2020). Without proper management, these transitions will impose challenges not only to customer affordability, but also to gas system planning, operations and maintenance, and safety.
The purpose of this program is to extend and complement these ongoing efforts by developing a data-driven tool for systematic identification of promising decommissioning sites, enhancing the capacity of state agencies, IOUs, local governments,  investor-owned utilities (IOUs), and other stakeholders to collaboratively plan and develop policy for the gas system in California’s low-carbon future. This data-driven tool will leverage detailed data on IOU natural gas infrastructure (and co-located electricity system infrastructure) to provide a systematic framework for identifying promising sites for decommissioning of retail gas system infrastructure. The framework for site identification will be informed by evaluation of criteria derived from CEC’s ongoing research, along with key criteria from other relevant pilot projects, recent research, and decommissioning efforts.Project Focus:
Group 1: Data-Driven Tool to Support Strategic and Equitable Decommissioning of Gas InfrastructureProjects in this group must, at a minimum:Collect detailed data about California’s retail gas system.Provide a systematic framework for identifying promising sites for decommissioning.Implement the systematic framework described in item 2, above, in the form of a data-driven tool that enables screening for promising sites for decommissioning as a first step for prioritizing more targeted analyses of the technical feasibility of decommissioning specific segments of the gas system.Deliver publicly available products that present criteria and insights derived from application of the data driven tool.For further project details, see pp. 9-10 in the Solicitation Manual listed in Supporting Documents below.For focus areas of Natural Gas R & D projects, see pp. 14-15 of the Manual below.

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