About Us

We offer a variety of writing and editing services to customers throughout the globe. We’ve written innumerable propositions for funding and government money for everything from child care to education programmes to international development to Indigenous communities to domestic abuse to HIV/AIDS to breast cancer to community development to renewable initiatives.

We have a track record of securing multi-year grants at the highest levels. Working with clients in Canada and the US, I have written hundreds of proposals for government, foundation, and business financing that range from $5,000 to multimillion dollar wins. A few months ago, We finished and submitted over 25 grant applications; of the 22 answers I’ve got, all of them were accepted. Thus, We now maintain a 100% success rate for the year 2021 in terms of grants.


With over 20 years of experience in non-profit and community organizations, We have held a variety of senior-level responsibilities. Many of these tasks included securing funds, working with donors, producing financial reports, budgets and forecasts, and reporting on sponsored initiatives and activities.


Additionally, we provide a wide range of writing and editing services to customers, including eBooks, books, book chapters, academic papers, Ph.D. dissertations, theses, manuals, business documents, blogs, manuals, and articles for diverse clients. Additionally, we have a strong understanding of editing for readability and flow as well as a keen eye for inconsistencies and timeline analysis. We  always give our clients with thorough and insightful feedback and suggestions.


With an MA in Child and Youth Studies under my belt, We’ve spent the last several years honing my research and writing skills. In addition, IWe’ve worked as an English teacher in South Korea and visited more than 25 countries. In my opinion, We are a well-rounded team who is able to appreciate, honor, and provide room for many viewpoints and worldviews


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EMAIL: brian@grantapplicationwriter.com

Our achievement & success is yours!!!!!


In total, we have six years of experience in grant research, writing, and management. We have worked with nonprofits across the U.S., including community health clinics, after-school programs, community development organizations, faith-based nonprofits and more. We specialize in helping small to mid-sized nonprofits secure funding from private and corporate foundations.