If you’ve ever applied for a grant from a foundation, you already know that the word “foundation” in the organization’s name does not ensure that the organization will award a grant to your non profit.

Here at your nonprofit organization will benefit from our thorough grant research, strategic business planning, grant writing, and application submission services. 

Be assured that you’ve made the right decision by enlisting our help since we have over five years of experience working with both start-up businesses and non-profit organizations throughout the world (s). More significantly, we have written and applied for 1,517 businesses, both for commercial and non-profit, with a success record of 95% throughout the years.

At, our main objective is to ensure that your organization and the funding source(s) to whom your grant application will be submitted have a mutually beneficial relationship.

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If your charity has a well-known spokesperson. You might commission them to promote some creative artwork (whether it’s digital art, video, or music), which you can also then auction off on a platform like Rarible, OpenSea, or Foundation 

Although the procedure of issuing new  NFTs varies significantly in one site to the next, the Foundation ‘how to’ tutorial provides an illustration of what’s required. To be able to leverage cryptocurrencies on most auction sites, you’ll have to create a digital wallet in that cryptocurrency (which is very straightforward to do).

Consider, for example, Snowden, the American hacker who is also the Head of the Press freedom Foundation. He sold an NFT on Foundation in April 2021, raising about $5.4 million (around £3.8 million).

We can guide you through this process and ensure that it a success the NFT will ensure that the                 donors will see where there funds went and can be able to trust that the funds went to their non                  profit and not to some middle man 



12/15/21 Cooperative agreement to USA public or private nonprofit entity for research on the impact of home visiting programs on families. Applicants are advised that required registrations may take up to one month to complete. The goal of the program is to create a research network that engages in scientific collaboration and...

U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) – Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) – Maternal and Child Health Bureau, Division of Home Visiting and Early Childhood Systems

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We are experts in writing applications for competitive awards including grants, scholarships, fellowships, and nonprofit job openings. We have more than ten years of proven experience in managing cross-platform communications and donor relations for education-oriented nonprofits including Global Citizen, the Fulbright Program, The Writer’s Center and the Think Tank for Action on Social Change. We also have an extensive academic background and received more than $350,000 in scholarships to fund undergraduate, master’s-level and PhD studies. 

Our Grant Management Skills Include: Grant Procurement Research, Grant Writing, Grant Management, Progress Reporting, Final Grant Reporting Scholarship Skills: University program research, scholarship research, personal statement writing, research proposal writing, CV and résumé editing Nonprofit Writing Skills: Communications Strategy Documents, Board Updates, Editorial Calendars, Website Copy, Blogs, News Articles, Press Releases, White Papers

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Funding Opportuntities

So, you’re planning to submit a grant application? As a result of this, you have a lot of work to do, whether it’s researching a certain topic or working on a specific cause. With a clear picture of how something may be improved or progressed, you’re ready to seek for financing or other assistance so that your idea can come to fruition.


It usually takes up to 7 days to write a high quality comprehensive grant proposal but our writers are flexible and can work within tight deadlines as well
Yes we can and rest assured of satisfactory services.
There aren't many grants available for profitable enterprises, which is a real shame. Non-profits, education agencies, governmental organizations, and high-tech – research-oriented corporations are the primary beneficiaries of government and foundation donations, with a few exceptions. A portion of the grant money can also go to companies that hire and train people with disabilities, are located in high poverty areas, or provide certain services in these areas (such as child care or after-school programs). Additionally, businesses that partner with a non-profit organization to provide community-focused programs and services can also apply for grant money. The Small Firm Administration (SBA) website at – or the Resource Associates' Grant Wizard – may help you determine whether your business is qualified for a federal award if you don't fall into one of these grant categories.
There are very few grants available for personal assistance or to pay off debt – due to the fact that “individuals” are typically not eligible to apply for discretionary grants, no matter how needy. There are, however, other types of funding opportunities that are available in the form of loans, loan forgiveness programs, stipends, subsidies, entitlements, and tax credits. Give us a call at 505.326.4245 to determine what types of grants and funding opportunities best meet your needs.
we will need to see your requirements but rest assured that our prices range from $70 to $300 depending on the project
Yes we can assist you in writing your letter of intent (LOI). This is because I am a seasoned grant proposal writer with over 5 years of working experience.